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Front ANTAI DISK hub

Inexpensive front wheel hub with disc brakes. The model is made of a steel body, has a high flange and a cast disc rotor mount. The Antai hub has a solid 495 grams. Spoke Hole: 36 Axle dimensions: Ø9 * 140mm Rotor mount: 6-bolt Bearings: 2 sealed Braking system: rotor Material: steel Fastening: nuts Weight: 495 gr


Rear v-brake hub Avanti, threaded on nuts

A budget hub for the rear wheel of a bicycle. The low part is amortized by the simplicity of the design from the steel body, the riser fastening of the rear windows to the type of jogging and the integral axle from the cogging at the eyes of the nuts. Steel Hanging on nuts Rіzbove krіplennya pіd trіshchinu Open pid 28 spoke The sheerness of only with rim galms


V-brake hub, front Kinetic AE-248F

A budget hub for the front wheel of a bicycle with rim brakes. The Kinetic 248F model has a low price due to the steel body and one-piece axle with nuts. The weight of the Kinetic 248F is 315 grams.


Rear hub Kinetic AE-248R

Low-cost steel rear hub Specifications: Spoke Hole: 28 Production material: body and axle - steel; Sleeve width 130 mm; Axle length: 170mm; Axle diameter: 3/8 "" (9.5 mm.); Flange spacing: 57mm; Flange diameter: 54 mm; PCD (diameter between the holes for the spokes): 45 mm; Applicable: ratchet 6.7 stars; Bearing: ball bearing (cone-cup system); Braking system: V-brake; Fastening: nuts; Weight:...


V-brake bushing, front QUANDO KT-122F

A budget-friendly 36-spoke V-Brake eccentric front hub for entry-level touring or mountain bikes. Fastening to the frame with nuts. Peculiarities: 36 spoke holes Axle dimensions: 3/8 '* 100 * 140mm Flange spacing: 69mm Flange diameter: 38mm Material: steel Weight: 250g


Front hub QUANDO KT-FMD7

Quando KT-FMD7 bicycle front wheel hub. Aluminum housing with loose bearings, hollow eccentric shaft and 6-bolt rotor attachment. Quando FMD7 comes in two colors and weighs 275 grams.


Bike camera CST (27.5x2.10)

Camera 27.5 "CST 27.5x2.10 base camera, good quality. Suitable for 27.5" bicycle wheels. Car nipple. Specifications: Nipple: AV; Size: 27.5x2.10.


Bike camera CST (26x2.10)

Camera 26 "CST 26x2.10 base camera, good quality. Suitable for 26" bicycle wheels. Car nipple. Specifications: Nipple: AV; Size: 26x2.10.


Steering column 1 "NECO H-831

Headset Neco H-831 - threaded steering column is designed for threaded forks with a stem diameter of 1 "(22.2 mm), the material of the cups is steel with anodized coating. The landing diameter of cups in the head tube is 30 mm. Open-type cage bearings. Peculiarities: Threaded steering column; Fork stem diameter: 1 "(22.2 mm); Cup material: anodized steel; Landing diameter: 30 mm; Open type...