Frames are covered by a warranty to original owner for a free replacement within 3 years from the date of purchase in the event of any material problems or manufacturing defects in the frame.

The warranty does not cover violations of the rules of operation and use of bicycles for other purposes. If any changes are made to the frame during the warranty period, including the removal of the original paint coat, the warranty will be void. The warranty does not cover components supplied in addition to the frame (derailleur hanger, mounting screws, etc.).

Components are warranted based on the manufacturer's specific component warranty periods.

The warranty does not cover consumables (chain, cassette, crank sprockets, bottom bracket, tires and tubes, grips, cables and shirts, brake pads and rotors.)

Note: The minimum seatpost depth in the frame is 100mm, regardless of the seatpost markings.

Note: Fork compatibility is determined by travel, not length. We understand that some manufacturers' forks are shorter in height than others, but that doesn't matter. If you useforks with longer travel than specified for the frame, the warranty will void and the chance of damage or breakage to the frame increases.

We recommend assembling and adjusting the bike in specialized workshops and service centers, indicating the date and place of assembly in the bicycle passport. Attention! In the event of improper assembly or the absence in the documents of the date and marks of sale, assembly and timely service, the warranty will void.