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Ratchet ATA KDF-P18 (18Т 3/32)

Ratchet ATA KDF-P18 1 ck 18T 3/32. Freewheel or freewheel ATA KDF-P18. Forged chrome-molybdenum body and 18-tooth sprocket. Seat diameter 35 mm. The teeth are 2.3 mm thick and 7 mm long. Bulk bearings with a diameter of 3.15 mm, 2 rows of 46 pieces. The mechanism consists of 9 pawls and a drum with 36 stops, 3 gears are used alternately. A freewheel, or one sprocket ratchet, is mounted on the...


ATA cassette KDF-CS932-9S (11-32T)

ATA cassette KDF-CS932-9S 11-32T - this model is designed to change the transmission gear range and is used for installation on any type of bicycles that have a 9-speed transmission. Construction type - collapsible (spacer). For ease of installation, the sprockets in the cassette are most often held together by three small bolts or rivets. They hold the sprockets and spacers (spacers) in the...