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Car trunk on the rear door for 3 bicycles ALAGA


Mount for bicycles on the trunk car Alaga is the perfect combination of functionality and design. The ALAGA fastening has gained love love throughout the world for convenience, both when mounting the car and install bicycles on it, as well as for its reliability and durability.

The alaga frame and brackets made by casting under pressure from 100% of the material processed and are the most durable on the market. Thanks to the thoughtful arcuate design, bicycles are installed at different levels, without interfering with each other, and are fixed with reliable belts with a ratchet mechanism and high-quality fittings.

Alaga is suitable for most passenger cars (sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs and minivans). It is installed using straps with spring buckles and hooks with vinyl coating. Also bustling has hinge rubber legs to protect the car's paint.

Fastening type: on trunk

Compatibility: about 70% of passenger cars (check with consultants)

Number of bicycles: 3 pcs

Maximum load: 15 kg per bike (total 45 kg)

Weight: about 4 kg

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